Top 10 Forts In Maharashtra You Must Visit In 2019

Top 10 forts in Maharashtra, you must visit in 2019, They were as follows.


Raigad Fort

Raigad is about 820 meters above sea level, at a height of 2700 feet. There are about 1400-1450 steps to reach the fort. The old name of Raigad was Rari. Jawwantrao More fled from Javli and stayed on to Raigad. Chhatrapati Shivaji laid siege on Raigadas on 6th April 1656 and came under the control of Raigad Shivaji in May. Kalyan For the construction of the fort, the treasure used to be robbed by Maula Ahmed, the nobleman. Due to it being convenient for sea transport, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was elected as the capital of Raigad.


Pratapgad Fort

Mahabaleshwar is a tourist destination that attracts mythological and historical references. "Mahabaleshwar Jatant and Parghata Lath" Shivaji Maharaj built the fort of Buland, that is, "Pratapgad". Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj slaughtered Afzal Khan, who had run on self-rule, at the foot of the fort. This fort, situated in the confluence of Mahabaleshwar, is still in good condition. There is a large number of tourists on the fort because of the carriageway going up to half an elevation of Pratapgad, cement wide pyramids made on the fort, roads, and fort on the fort.


Rajgad Fort

One of the many fortresses of Pune district, which has a historical and cultural heritage, the first capital of Swarajya and the fort of Rajgad, which witnessed many historical events. Today, it is standing strong even though this year is very poorly maintained. Everybody should visit the place once in a while and they will have to visit again after giving it to Rajgad.

Even today, 150 to 200 people live on the fort, they make the convenience of the village for twelve months (not a hotel). There are two wells for Padmavati Devi, Bhakta Niwas, and Govt. Rest houses as well as drinking water wells for 12 months.


Vasota Fort

The fort of Vasota is 4267 feet high in the fort of the forest.
This fort of Mahabaleshwar Koyana hill rangar in Satara district is considered to be of medium to trekkers.

The castle of black soil, in the valley of the Koyna river, the fort situated in the desert is 'Kalle Vasota' in Dnyaneshwar, Vasota is defined as a 'shelter.' Vasota is also the second name of Vyargarh. Due to the inaccessibility of the catchment area of the Koyna dam, this area has become rich with wildlife.

Devagiri - Daulatabad

Devagiri - Daulatabad Fort

How does the visit of Daulatabad fort, which is just 13 km away from Aurangabad in Maharashtra, becomes truly memorable? The monsoon is not over yet. By the time, leave the holiday and the monsoon ends.


Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagad is a fort which is 30 km away from Pune city of Maharashtra. Some of the available information in this fort indicates that this fort was built 2000 years ago. This fort was first known as Kondhana, there were many wars on this fort, especially in 1670 in the battle of Sinhgad.


Panhala Fort

Panhala is a historic fort in Maharashtra, a place of cool hilly and main place of Panhala taluka of Kolhapur district. Population 2,219 (1971) In the northeast of Kolhapur. 18 km On Kolhapur-Ratnagiri on the southern side of Sahyadri is situated on a small plateau in the Kush. Hiss S Height of 845 m It is famous for cooler air and immune system.


Shivneri Fort

The fort of Shivneri is 3500 feet high, in the Giridurg fort. This fort of Naneghat mountain range in Pune district is considered to be of medium to trekkers. Shivneri Fort is in Junnar city of Pune district. Junnar was seen in Shivneri's Shivneri. Birthplace of Lord Shiva Chhatrapati The fort is not so big. In 1673, Dr. John Fryer visited this fort. He mentioned that in his instrument, on this fort, thousands of families have been engaged in rituals for seven years.


Torna Fort

One of the fortresses that Shivaji Maharaj used in the beginning, Tola is one of the forts. There are many trees on the fort, due to which there is a large number of trees. The name of the fort was named Torna. When Maharaj kept the fort, he named it as 'huge garga' due to its huge expanse. Two notes have been spread out east of Sahyadri's anger with the passage of Velha taluka of Pune district. Torna and Rajgad are situated in the first place and the second is called Bhuleeshwar Range. It is situated on the northern latitudes and eastern lines of the mountains in the southwestern part of Pune. It is located on the south by the River Yamuna and on the north is the valley of the river Kanad. On the west side of the fort is the Kanad Khind, on the east, there is Bamna and Kharaya pontoon.


Lohgad Fort

The fort of Lohagad is of Giridurg.
This fort of Lonavla hill district of Pune district is considered as easy for trekkers.
About 8 km from Mallavi station on Pune-Lonavla railway line. This fort is at a distance. Lohagad Visapur has been advertised on the platform of the railway station. Wrote on it - "Lohgad, Visapur Fort-Fort"

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