Historic Performance Of Marry Com In The World Boxing Championship

marry com World Boxing Championship winner
India's top boxer, Marry Kom, has won the sixth gold medal for her historic performance in the World Boxing Championships. In the Women's World Boxing Championship, she won the sixth title of the World Championship by winning 5-0 in the 48kg category. Marry Kom is the first female boxer to win six gold medals at the World Championships.

She found herself very aggressive in the final. She started an aggressive attack from the first round. In the first round, she had lost her right knock. After the first round, Marry's morale looked so extraordinary, and she got the advantage of being in the next round. In the second round, Omukhota gave Marichal a good fight. Okhoton dropped Marry on this occasion. In the third session, Okhoton brought good luck to Marry. However, Marie did not give up the grip on all her experiences.

Marry Kom was the first winner for 16 years ago. She then won the World Boxing Championship title in 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010.
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